Create and publish a professional looking website in minutes using our drag & drop website builder, no technical experience required!

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SitePro Website Builder

Our super-easy drag and drop website builder allows you to publish your site online within a few minutes...



Getting started with the website builder is straight-forward. Once you have purchased one of our Web Hosting packages, head over to 'Site Builder' in your cPanel, choose your Domain Name, and it will open up in the Website Builder ready for you to create an amazing Website!

The Website Builder is a free Web Application included with our Web Hosting packages. The Website Builder provides powerful features which allow users to quickly and easily build and maintain their Websites using drag and drop capabilities, pre-built templates and more. Traditionally, users would have to hire expensive Website Designers and Website Developers or work with a costly Web Agency to get content online - this is no longer the case in the age of Website Builders.
Our Website Builder includes a wide range of features so you can build your Website - no technical skills are required- in just a few minutes. Here's a quick video to show you just how easy it is to get started:

There are no limits to the number of pages that you can create on your website. The sky is the limit!
Yes, we use artificial intelligence within the Website Builder to ensure that the Website and your content remains responsive across all devices and viewports.

Of course, you can either register a new Domain or Transfer an existing Domain to us when you set up your Web Hosting Package. Alternatively, you can re-point your nameservers to our Hosting Network to take advantage of our multi-routed Hosting platform, along with our free Website Builder.

Of course! It's easy to make changes, open up the Website Builder from your cPanel and carry on from where you left of.
It's easy! Open up the Website Builder and choose the Domain(s) that you want to import - then wait for the build to complete. Once completed you should be able to manage your Websites using the Website Builder Software included in your cPanel. If you require support at all during the import stages, get in touch with our support team who will be more than happy to help you.
Totally. There are no extra charges for using our Website Builder. We provide the Application with all of our Web Hosting Packages.
There are no software downloads required to use the Website Builder - it's a Web Application accessed in your cPanel. The Website Builder will work in any Web Browser of your choice.