Domain transfer FAQ

Domain transfers can be done either at the time of signing up or at any time after that.

To transfer a domain at the time of signup:
Select the option ' I want to transfer my domain to Cosmic Web Hosting' then enter your domain now and follow through the steps from there.

To transfer a domain at any other time, do the following:
Login at
Search for the domain you wish to transfer in the box titled Check Availability of A New Domain

Click Transfer and follow the process through from here.

Once you have initiated a domain transfer using either of the above methods, the process varies depending on what type of domain you are transferring.

For a .com,, .website, .dance or other TLD:
The admin contact on the WHOIS information for the domain will receive an email asking for the transfer code. Once the transfer code has been entered at the link provided in the email the transfer will continue.

Domain transfers typically take 24-48 hours. 

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